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Portrait of whipmaker Hunter Weisbrodt

About Me

My name is Hunter. I am a Christian, cattle rancher, farmer, and whipmaker. I began plaiting whips nearly 13 years ago for use on our own ranch. Though our ranching practices have evolved over the years and we rarely use whips for moving cattle any longer, I still practice the craft. Whips prove to be a priceless tool for working people all around the globe, even to this day.

Our focus has shifted toward a sustainable/regenerative mindset and we are striving daily to improve the health of land and people through proper farming and agricultural techniques.

To learn more about our farm, visit Fifty Ten Farms. Here we sell our pastured meats that we raise in the beautiful Sunshine state we call home.

I’d like to also thank several people for their hand in my whipmaking journey and career. Their knowledge, expertise, and content has been of tremendous value: Rhett Kelley, Nicks Schrader, Ron Edwards (author of “How To Make Whips”), Adam Winrich, and many others. 

Thank you for stopping by!