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Quality Handmade Whips for the Working Cattleman

Welcome to Whips By Hunter

My name is Hunter. I make custom, handmade whips and other ranch goods. Below is a collection of the various whip models I currently offer. Click on any of the links to visit the custom order page for that product. Or visit the shop page to see what’s in stock.

Whip Models Available

14 foot white Cow Whip with a Tornillo wood handle

Florida Cow Whip

Originating in Old Florida for gathering and driving Cracker cattle, cow whips heavy and have a detachable wooden handle. My whips are made with a weighted core, 10 plait belly and 12 plait overlay. I turn the wooden handles myself.

Nylon Bullwhip

The bullwhip has a rich history around the globe and is a great choice for those looking for a loud and accurate whip. Often used for targeting and recreation, my bullwhips contain a spring steel handle, two plaited bellies, and a 16 plait overlay.

Order a Nylon Bullwhip

Standard Stock Whip

An Australian style of whip designed for working cattle from both horseback and on foot. These whips have been made popular in the recreational sector due to their fast action, allowing them to move freely and perform a variety of cracks in quick succession. Made with a plaited Oak handle and 10 plait overlay.

Weighted Stock Whip

My weighted stock whips differ from my standard stock whips in three major ways: the core is weighted for more mass, the overlay is 12 plait, and I offer both a tapering twist and 4-point fall hitch. Additionally, this model is crafted with fancier plaiting.

Fancy plaited nylon stock whip in turquoise and international orange
Native Florida Cracker cattle in pens

275 Cord Stock Whip (Coming Soon)

Designed very similar to my other stock whips, these 275 cord whips are crafted in 24 plait from a much finer material. This allows for much more flexibility and an overall better performance. Suitable for those who admire the stock whip style but wish to have the best cracking experience.

Performance Hybrid Whip

Also known as a “Pipe Whip” this design is a hybrid between several whips. The handle and transition are likened to that of a cow whip, but on a CPVC handle. The thong of the whip is constructed similar to the standard stock whip. And the overall feel is very light and flexible. Suitable for beginners and performers alike.

Performance Hybrid Whip

Leather Whips (Coming Soon)

I am working on a line of leather with in both cow and kangaroo hide. I will have 8-plait stock whips and 16-plait bullwhips in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.

Whips In Stock

Occasionally I will carry a limited inventory of whips and other products. Visit the link below to see what is available.

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