Custom Weighted Nylon Stock Whips | 100% Handmade


Custom Weighted Nylon Stock Whips Made to Order – 100% handmade by Hunter Weisbrodt.

  • 10-Plait Belly
  • 12-Plait Overlay
  • Weighted Core
  • Plaited Oak Handle
  • 4-Point Fall Hitch

What’s Included:

  • Whip
  • Extra Crackers
  • Spare Fall
  • Tote Bag
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Current lead time is 2-4 weeks

Stock whips are an Australian style of whip originally designed for working cattle. With narrow, lightweight thong and a transition that utilizes leverage, these whips are ideal for work and recreation alike.

Unlike my standard stock whips, this model is constructed with a ball-chain core to add a bit of weight. It also has a keeper loop on both the belly and the overlay, which is 12-plait instead of 10. In addition, my weighted stock whips are finished with a 4-point fall hitch, not a twist.

Due to the nature of the plaiting on this whip, the split color pattern is available (where the color is split side by side as seen in the photos above. I also generally an additional 5×4 Turks head on the handle and offer fancier plaiting.

Every whip is finished with a melted BEESWAX wax bath. The wax permeates the nylon and acts as a protective barrier against the elements, increasing its lifespan dramatically. It also adds weight to the whip.

I recently switched from paraffin to beeswax, seeing as it is all natural. If you are used to paraffin, you may notice a bit more initial flaking or a subtle color difference, otherwise, the beeswax works just as well and adds to the quality of the whip.


Generally speaking, higher plait count lends to a higher quality whip with better flow and handling. A whip comprised of more strands offers more flexibility. However, a quality stock whip made by a professional whipmaker will handle comparably, no matter the plait count.

Nylon whips are incredibly durable and tolerate extreme weather conditions quite well. There is little difference in performance between nylon whips and their leather counterparts. While leather whips are a craft all of their own, nylon does have benefits. For example, the cow whips I make are predominately used in harsh Florida ranching conditions.

A quality stock whip should last you years, if not a lifetime. I accept refunds if the whip is still in new condition, or if the whip fails do to my craftsmanship. There is a 20% cancellation fee for custom orders.

For special requests or questions feel free contact me.

For any specific requests with your order, add them to the “order Notes” section at checkout.  

Happy Cracking!

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