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Custom, quality nylon Florida Cow Whips for sale by Hunter Weisbrodt. Made for the working cattleman.

  • 10-Plait Belly
  • 12-Plait Overlay
  • Weighted Core
  • Hand-Turned Handle
  • Waxed in Beeswax


  • Whip
  • Extra Crackers
  • Spare Fall
  • Tote Bag
If you'd like initials, a name, or a brand wood burned onto your handle. Type it here. You can also email me a photo.
View the color chart photo and type your colors here, choose up to 3. If you have any special requests, type them here or in the "notes" section at checkout.
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Current Lead time is 2-4 weeks

Ordering Instruction:
  1. Select a length
  2. Select a handle wood
  3. View the photo of the paracord colors and select up to three
  4. Type the colors into the text box above
  5. If you would like Initials/names wood-burned on your handle, provide it in the other text box
  6. I will ship your whip 4-8 weeks (or my current lead time) after payment is received

Please call or email with any questions, thank you!

About Florida Cow Whips

Florida cow whips are unique in their design. The thong is independent of the handle with “keepers” or laces by which it attaches. This allows for the use of leverage while still maintaining some rigidity at the transition. The end of the thong is finished in a tapering twist offering very low wind resistance for an easier crack. The ‘Florida Cow Whip’ gets its name from  its origins working cattle in the Sunshine State.

Originally, Florida cow whips were made from buckskin. Today, however, we plait cow whips from nylon paracord, which is incredibly durable and can withstand harsh conditions and moisture much better.

My Florida Cow Whips

I begin each cow whip with a shot/BB loaded core, then follow with a 10 plait belly, finishing with a 12 plait overlay, ending in the classic tapering twist. My cow whips are heavy and crack with ease. I can make my whips with less weight if you’d prefer.

Every whip is finished with a melted beeswax wax bath. The wax permeates the nylon and acts as a protective barrier against the elements, increasing its lifespan dramatically. It also adds weight to the whip.

The cow whip is quite heavy when compared to stock and performance hybrid whips, but this weight aids in producing a loud crack with less effort—especially useful for moving cattle on horseback.

Tornillo is the standard wood I use for handles, which can vary in shape and style from whip to whip. I may also use Hard Maple, Ash, Oak, or whatever other hardwoods I happen to have on hand. You can choose a wood you like in the product options.

About Nylon Whips

Generally speaking, higher plait count lends to a higher quality whip with better flow and handling. A whip comprised of more strands offers more flexibility. However, a quality cow whip made by a professional whipmaker will handle comparably, no matter the plait count.

A quality whip should last you years, if not a lifetime. I accept refunds if the whip is still in new condition, or if the whip fails do to my craftsmanship. There is a 20% cancellation fee for custom orders.

For special requests or questions feel free contact me. If you are looking for just handles, click here.

For any specific requests with your order, add them to the “order Notes” section at checkout.  

For wholesale/bulk ordering or cow whip repairs, please contact me!

A note about color:

Not all colors are created equal. Some cord is stiffer, some is thinner, and not all the paracord is perfectly uniform. I only use the best quality nylon I can find, but please know that color may vary in shade and texture. I prefer a solid color whip for the best uniformity. I also prefer white, tan, or brown. These colors always seem to be the best quality.

A note about wood:

The standard wood I’ve been using recently is Tornillo. It is a durable and weather-resistant hardwood, but it is quite light. If you want a heavier handle, go with a different choice. I personally prefer hard maple for its density and resilience. With that said, I have gotten great feedback about the Tornillo.


Additional information


6 Foot, 7 Foot, 8 Foot, 9 Foot, 10 Foot, 11 Foot, 12 Foot, 14 Foot


Tornillo, Hard Maple (+$5), Oak (+$5), Cherry (+$12), Bocote ($30), Goncalo Alves (+$20), Purpleheart (+$20), E. Indian Rosewood (+$20), Snakewood (+$225), Zebrawood (+$20)

1 review for Custom Florida Cow Whips | 100% Handmade

  1. Spencer Weisbrodt (verified owner)

    Loud and cracks easy. Best cow whip I own.

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